To secure a booking

*We take bookings first come, first serve, so please book as early as possible. Everything can be done over the phone or by email in just a few minutes. We require the date, location of the event, your phone numbers, mailing address and email address.

*We do require a $600.00 deposit to secure the booking, which will contribute to the final total. A mailed personal cheque within 2 weeks of a verbal agreement is great. Please mail the cheque to Red Deer Catering, 38253 RGE RD 283 Red Deer County, Alberta, T4E-1Z5. Sorry, we do not take credit or debit cards, but an email deposit is very easy. You can send the deposit to the contact email Contact us for details and check your bank web site for more information. 

*As many details, as possible are requested 2 weeks prior to your event at which time another deposit is due; 50%of the expected total, rounded up to the nearest $100.00.

*We require a final count of guests attending 3 days in advance. This count will be used to determine the minimum charge and we prepare for an additional 10%, charging for extra guests only if the minimum is exceeded. Children ages 5-11 are 1/2 price and ages 4 and under are free.

 Cancellation Policy

If you should have to cancel a booking, $200.00 of the deposit is non-refundable. The rest of the deposit will be returned when the spot can be re-booked. Naturally, the more notice we have, the better chance of the space being re-booked.


 A Check List for you.

Please complete, at least 2 weeks prior to the event: 

* What meal would you like?

* What desserts do you want?

* How many people are coming, including kids?

* What time is dinner? Please account for speeches and introductions. The closer we start to our scheduled time, the better the meal will be for you and your guests.

* When do you need us to have the tables set by? If possible, we would like to set up the day before the event and you can get any items you would like, earlier.

* Are you putting wine on the tables? If so, we will set out wine glasses for you, otherwise we will set out water glasses. Both can be put out for an additional 75 cents/person charge. Otherwise, water is available at the coffee station.

* Do you need late lunch items? If so, what time? (10:30 pm is normal)

* Do you have a napkin colour preference? We can get basic colours in paper, or we can rent linen for you at an additional 75 cents/napkin charge. The dollar stores carry a good variety of blended colours of paper, if you would like to bring your own. Linen napkin rentals require 2 weeks' notice.

* Do you want to have the head table served? We find most people prefer to pick the items they like and the amounts they like, but we can serve it if you prefer.

* Do you need punch or lemonade? These are available at an additional charge. However, if there is a full bar, they may not be needed.

* Have you arranged the 50% down deposit?

* Are there any dangerous food allergies we need to know about?

 Other details 

* All dinners are served buffet style with china dishes and cutlery.

* Tables are set with white linen cloths, dinner napkins, glasses, salt and pepper shakers. Table size and amounts required two weeks' prior for linen orders.

* One double sided buffet will be provided for every 125 people. This always insures a fast and hot service.

* GST is not included in prices.

* Prices for 2019 will not be confirmed until December of 2018. Although we have never had to increase prices more than once a year, we reserve the right to do so in the future.

* We do not have a mandatory gratuity charge.

* Final payment is due the evening of the banquet. We will bring an invoice with the meal.

* We are open to any suggestions our customers might have.